Automation / Selenium Testing

Faculty profile:

Real time professionals with 15+ years of experience.


40 Hours


Testing Engineers, Support Engineers

Software needed on student PC:

Linux OS on laptop or desktop

Course Objectives:

Course Topics:

A trip to Objects                              
Know your variables       
How Objects behave      
Extra Strenghth Methods             
Life and Death of an Object         
Risky Behavior                  
Saving Objects                 
Data Structures                 
Release Your Code                         
String,File Handling, Log4j, /Handling XLS,XML files
String class and functions
Reading/Writing Text Files
Reading Properties File in Java
Concept of jar file
POI API in java
Reading/Writing Microsoft XLS Files
Log4j API for Logging
Usage of Log4J in Selenium
java.sql package
JDBC Drivers
Connection Interface
Statement and PreparedStatement Interfaces
ResultSet Interface
Firing select, insert, update and delete queries with database using Java JDBC
Looping the ResultSet
Automation Schedule
Eclispe integration with JUnit
Running Tests in JUnit
Tests Skipping
Test Parameterizing
Running Tests in batch
What is TestNg
TestNg and Eclipse integration
TestNg annotations
Running a Test in TestNg
Batch Running of tests in TestNg
Skipping Tests
parameterizing Tests - DataProvider
Assertions/Reporting Errors
Advantages over Junit
TestNg usage in Selenium
Test case grouping
Execution for test cases : Setting prioirty
Dataproviders for multiple tests in a single file
Parameterizing/Sharing single dataprovider for multiple test cases
Intallation of Selenium IDE
Script Recording and  Running a script line by line
Running, Pausing and debugging Script
XPATHS and supporting tools to get XPATHS
Verification and Assertions
Extracting all values of dropdown.
Reading XML from JavaScript using DOM.
Parameterize your IDE test cases with customized use extension and XML.
Regular Expressions in Selenium IDE.
JavaScript Alerts
WebDriver Jars and configurations
Architecture of webdriver
Working with chrome and IE
Selenium RC Vs WebDriver
Concept of firefox profile
Firefox profile and its need
WebDriver Capabilities
Firepath and firebug Add-ons tools
Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome and IE. Identifying WebElements using id, name, class
HTML language tags and attributes
locator strategies
WebDriver Interface, WebElement Interface
Finding Xpaths using Absolute and complete Xpaths
Creating customized Xpaths
Finding xpaths/cssselectors in different browsers - Mozilla, Chrome and IE
Accessing Objects with id/xpath/cssSelector
Dynamic objects/ids on the page
Working with different browsers

 creating custom xpaths for various components

 Identifying Links with xpaths/css selectors

 Objects being extracted from a page

 Links being extracted from a page

 Finding whether object is present on page or not

 Radio buttons and Checkboxes

 Hidden components, isDisplayed function

  Implicit, Explicit and Fluent waits

  PageLoadTimeout Property

 Timeout Interface of Webdriver

 WaitUntil Condition

 Ajax based components

 Tabbed windows in IE, Chrome and Mozilla

 Popups handling

 Handling Mouse movement

 Randomly clicking/selecting Objects - Randomizing

 Data Extraction

 Handling Dynamic WebTable, Attaching files

 Frames and Javascript alerts

 Front and back button click on Browser using selenium

 Moving a mouse on a Object and right clicking on it

 Coordinates of a Web Object

 Actions class in Webdriver

 Handling CSS menu with Action class      

 Handling CSS menu with JavaScriptExecutor

 JavaScriptExecutor example

 Drag, drop, native events

 Overview of Data driven framework

 Building the Test Base Class

 Properties file

 Initialize the Webdriver

Implementing WebDriver Implicit Wait

Implementing tests and batch running them

Tests with different Data

Externalization of data using XL Files

Asertions and Reporting Errors / ErrorCollector

 Generating the HTML reports

 Building utility functions
Hybrid(Keyword+Data Driven) Framework

 Building XLS File Having Test Cases and Keywords

 Test Data Externalization using XLS

 Property file having XPATHS

 Implementing ImplicitWait

 Keyword driven implementation

 Implementing tests, Assertions and Reporting Errors

 Parameterizing tests using DataProvider and XL Files

 Tests with different Data

 Generating the reports

 Introduction to Grid

 Nodes and Hubs

 Number of browsers/ type of browsers on a Node

 Concurrent browsers on node

  maxSession and maxInstance, Node Timeout

  Configuring chromedriver and IEdriver exe files on grid

  Testng configurations


   Configuring JSON file format to initialize/configure hub and nodes

   Serial Execution with different browsers : Running single test on single node

  Parallel Execution with different browsers : Running single test on single node

 Running single test on multiple nodes – each node having different browser

 Running multiple tests spread across 3 nodes – one for ie, one for firefox and one for chrome
 Prioritizing the test cases

 Sharing same webdriver instance among multiple tests after prioritizing them  
 What is POM
 When to use POM
 Designing POM classes
 Property file for test configuations
 Building generic utility functions
Using junit/testng to execute test cases
  Parameterizing tests using XL Files
  Generating reports and reporting errors