Oracle Apps DBA (Technical)

Faculty profile:

Real time professionals with 10+ years of experience.


40 Hours


Database Administrators, Functional Implementer

Software needed on student PC:

Linux OS on laptop or desktop, Oracle EBS 12i and Oracle Database 11g

 Course Objectives:

Overview of Oracle E-Business Suite Install Oracle E-Business Suite Describe Oracle E-Business Suite architecture Identify key files and their purposes Navigate the Oracle E-Business Suite file system Identify key features of the Oracle E-Business Suite database List advanced configuration options Run Oracle E-Business Suite maintenance utilities Apply patches to an Oracle E-Business Suite system Clone Oracle E-Business Suite New features of Oracle EBS 12.2

 Course Topics:

Introduction to ERP

  • What is ERP?
  • Why Oracle EBS R12?
  • Different ERP’s.

 R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture and Overview

  • Oracle Apps Tier Components.
  • Oracle Applications File System.
  • Oracle Applications Database.
  • Oracle Applications Single and Multi node Architecture.
  • Roles and Responsibilities.

R12 Oracle Applications Install

  • Overview of Oracle Applications.
  • Single-node Installation.
  • Multi-node Installation
  • MLS.

R12 Oracle Aplications Utilities

  • AD Administration.
  • AutoPatch.
  • AD Merge Patch.
  • AD Controller.
  • AD File Identification.
  • AD Relink.
  • Autoconfig.

 Managing EBS Application Patches

  • Introduction.
  • Structure of a Patch file and Patch Drivers.
  • Searching, Downloading and Applying Patches.
  • Pre and Post Checks.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Patch Session.
  • Reducing Patch Timing.(Merging, Patching non-interactively)
  • Troubleshooting failed Patches.
  • Applying patches for Multiple Languages.

 R12 Cloning

  • Different types of cloning.
  • Rapid Cloning.
  • Cloning the existing EBS System.
  • Cloning Single node to Single node Cloning.
  • Cloning Multi to Single Node Cloning.
  • Troubleshooting Cloning Issues.

 Oracle Applications Manager

  • Oracle Applications Manager Features.
  • Managing/Monitoring EBS system through OAM Console.

 Concurrent Managers

  • Managing Concurrent Managers.
  • Managing Concurrent Programs.
  • Troubleshooting Concurrent requests taking long time.


  • Managing Profile Options.
  • Setting Profile Options at Site, User and Resp Level.
  • Creations of Users.
  • Assigning Responsibilities.
  • Creation of Custom Responsibilities.
  • Creating Custom Managers.
  • Monitoring Oracle Workflow.
  • Cloning Oracle Applications.
  • PCP Configuration.

 Managing Printers

  • Configuring Printers on Linux Operating System.
  • Configuring Printers on Oracle Applications.
  • Troubleshooting Printer Issues.

 Knowledge of Oracle Applications upgrade.

  • Session on Performance tuning.
  • Troubleshooting long running Concurrent Requests.
  • Gathering Schema Statistics.
  • JVM Tuning.
  • Increasing HEAP Memory.
  • Tracing FORMS and Concurrent Program session.
  • Generating AWR Report.

 Backup and Recovery

  • RMAN Backup.
  • RMAN Recovery.


  • Login Page Issues.
  • Connectivity Issues.
  • Corrupted and Missing Files Issue.
  • Recreating missing libraries.