Oracle RAC

Faculty profile:

Real time professionals with 15+ years of experience.


25 Hours


Oracle DBA's

Course Objectives:

  • Install, create, administer, and monitor a Real Application Clusters database
  • Use configuration and management tools for Real Application Clusters databases
  • Setup services for workloads management, and applications high availability
  • Develop a backup and recovery strategy for Real Application Clusters databases
  • Configure and monitor Oracle Clusterware resources
  • Review high availability best practices
  • Identify Real Application Clusters components


Course Topics

Oracle Clusterware Installation

  • Oracle RAC 11g Installation
  • Cluster Setup Tasks
  • Using Raw Partitions
  • Cluster Configuration

 RAC Installation

  •  Installing Automatic Storage Management
  • Configure ASM Storage
  • Install the Database Software

 Database Creation

  • Management Agent Installation
  • Storage Options for Database Files
  • Create the Database
  • Single Instance to RAC Conversion

 RAC DB Administration

  • Cluster Database Instance Administration
  • Topology Viewer
  • Automatic Undo Management and RAC
  • Quiescing RAC Databases
  • Transparent Data Encryption and Wallets in RAC
  • ASM Instance and Crash Recovery in RAC

 Backup and Recover a RAC DB

  • Protecting Against Media Failure
  • Oracle Recovery Manager

 RAC DB Monitoring and Tuning

  • CPU and Wait Time Tuning Dimensions
  • Dynamic Reconfiguration
  • ADDM Analysis


  • Workload Dispatching
  • High Availability of Services in RAC
  • Services and Resource Manager with EM
  • Change Service Thresholds
  • Using Distributed Transactions with RAC

 High Availability of Connections

  • Fast Application Notification
  • Load Balancing Advisory
  • Transparent Application Failover

 Oracle Clusterware Administration

  • Controlling the Oracle Clusterware Stack
  • Back Up and Recover Your Voting Disks
  • Back Up and Recover Oracle Cluster Registry
  • Prevent Automatic Instance Restarts

 Diagnosing the Oracle Clusterware components

  • Oracle Clusterware Main Log Files
  • RAC Diagnostic Infrastructure

 Node Addition/Removal

  • Add and Delete Nodes and Instances
  • Clone Oracle Clusterware

 Design for High Availability

  • Maximum Availability Architecture
  • RAC and Data Guard Topologies
  • Extended RAC Connectivity
  • Extended RAC disk mirroring
  • Patch your RAC system in a rolling fashion


  • Extend your cluster using Grid Control
  • Patch Oracle Clusterware

 Oracle RAC One Node

  • Online database migration
  • Add a RAC One Node database to an existing cluster
  • Convert a RAC One Node Database to a RAC database
  • Convert a single instance database to a RAC One Node database

 Quality of Service Management (QoS)

  • QoS concepts
  • QoS components
  • Oracle database QoS management